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After the Rehearsal

Date & Time:
2020/02/08 (Sat) 7:50pm
In Swedish with English subtitles
Ingmar Bergman
 Erland Josephson, Ingrid Thulin, Lena Olin

Swedish director Ingmar Bergman is widely seen as one of the top film masters of all time. In addition to his output as a film director, Bergman was also a prolific stage director. Set in the world of theatre, AFTER THE REHEARSAL treads on the director’s familiar grounds. An old theatre director named Henrik is fond of staying around after rehearsals to think and plan when a young actress named Anna and an older actress Rakel approach him on separate occasions to lay bare their hopes and dreams, which conjures sentimental inklings in Henrik and inspire feelings of power and desire. Using simple stage setups and just two or three characters, Bergman manages to invoke myriad emotions. Under his masterful direction and mise-en-scene, the director succeeds in imbuing simple dialogue scenes with ineffable depth and conveys unbelievable tension with every word. AFTER THE REHEARSAL is like Bergman’s own confession; through the character of Henrik, he reflects on his own emotional missteps and seeks the audience’s forgiveness and approbation.